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No Contract Annual Enterprise
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Annual Code Updates
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Unlimited training and support
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Option of month-to-month or annual

Health Level Seven, also known as HL7

Health Level Seven, also known as HL7, is the international standard for interfaces between health care software and other technologies. Your in-office or hospital electronic medical record provider meets this standard and requires any additional software or mobile technologies to meet the requirements in order to be interoperable. maxRVU Charge Capture also meets these standards, allowing us to integrate fully with whichever platform you choose. Contact your EHR company, or discuss the option with one of our representatives today.

In the medical industry, patient privacy is a top concern.

In the medical industry, patient privacy is a top concern. HIPAA compliance isn’t only necessary; it’s 100% mandatory. maxRVU is built to ensure that patient encounters are easily tracked through a mobile application and prides itself on the security measures taken to meet HIPAA compliance. Our secure server encrypts all data. You can breathe easy knowing that your patient’s privacy is well cared for.

What steps does maxRVU Charge Capture have to take to maintain HIPAA compliance? Here’s the list of the requirements and how we achieve the upmost secure standards.

  1. 1. Is data always encrypted as it is transmitted over the Internet?
    1. a. Yes. - maxRVU uses encryption over SSL for all internet transmissions.
  2. 2. Data is not lost, i.e. should be backed up and can be recovered?
    1. a. Yes. - maxRVU maintains redundant copies of all data at multiple locations.
  3. 3. Is only accessible by authorized personnel?
    1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data is controlled strictly by permission based architecture and only authorized, authenticated personnel may access the data they have rights to.
  4. 4. Is not tampered with or altered?
    1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data cannot be tampered or altered during transmission, retrieval and storage.
  5. 5. Should be encrypted if it is being stored or archived?
    1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data is encrypted in all databases and backup files.
  6. 6. Can be permanently disposed of when no longer needed?
    1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data can be completely & securely erased when no longer needed.

Did you know that email communications are subject to HIPAA regulations?

Our HIPAA compliant server protects every message sent within our messaging feature of maxRVU. Our providers have no need to risk a HIPAA breach and the fines that come along with it. Send photos of x-rays, patient charts, or screenshots of codes used to confirm with anyone within your group. Your biller can contact you directly for questions about a recent encounter, and Medical Assistants can inquire about your rounding schedule for the day. You don’t have to limit the message feature to work-related discussions. Quickly inquire about the group lunch that was being provided just in case you don’t make it in time. If you’re lucky, one of your colleagues will save you a plate because we all love a free lunch.

  • LoneStar Orthopedics

    Being a physician assistant, I see a lot of patients in and out of the hospital. Keeping track of each charge sheet was immensely tedious and I’m pretty sure I lost a few of them. Ever since I started using maxRVU, I haven’t forgotten or lost a single charge. My biller even told me I’m coding more accurately which I think is because I can submit the session right after it happens, rather than waiting like I used to.

  • University of Louisville – Neurosurgery

    The Neurosurgery group at the University of Louisville were in the market for a better way to track individual RVUs for each physician; on top of ensuring every patient encounter was sent to the biller (including the unscheduled ones.) maxRVU became their quick and easy solution to a complex problem, and they’ve never looked back.

  • University of South Alabama – Mitchell Cancer Center

    Obviously I am a big fan of maxRVU. Very user friendly. Y'all have developed an impressive service.

  • Fort Worth Brain & Spine

    maxRVU helps take a worrisome task and turns it into a pretty simple task I don’t worry about. I love that I can scan the patient labels to capture patient information.

  • OrthoSouth

    The customer service has been super responsive and open to my ideas and suggestions.

  • Park Ridge Health

    My first two months after starting to use maxRVU were my two most productive months by far. My office assistant also loves it, and it makes it very easy for her to submit charges. Thanks!

  • ENTiCare

    I enjoy using the program and the main advantage for me has been more accurate procedure coding and wireless real-time communication with my biller; that has resulted in significant reduction in the time needed to process and submit claims.

  • Texas Brain & Spine

    I am very happy with the product. I like the layout and some of the latest features such as bundled codes and scanning of patient information.

  • Lone Star Orthopedics

    maxRVU has helped me streamline my patient billing…no more paper notes stuffed hastily in my pocket or a stack of superbills with hastily scribbled notes for my assistant to interpret. Most importantly, I am recovering all missed billing opportunities and getting insurance payments faster.

  • Atlantic Neurosurgical and Spine Specialists

    I previously relied on a cumbersome system of facesheets, patient stickers, and notecards to track my patient encounters for my biller. This not only drove her crazy but also, I’m sure, led to lost revenue. I discovered maxRVU while looking for a way to streamline my billing sessions. To be frank, this program is incredible. If I’ve ever had a problem with some aspect of the program or if I ever have a suggestion, the team responds right away and usually has the issue fixed within a few hours. That accessibility makes this system truly great.

  • LoneStar Orthopedics

    We looked around and found solutions costing almost twice as much with the added cost of support. We're a midsize group and the savings with maxRVU made our decision a no brainier.

  • The Women's Cancer Center

    maxRVU has been a great tool for communication between our gynecologic oncologist, who spends 3.5 days per week in the operating room, and our billing/coding staff.

  • Austin Cancer Center

    With maxRVU we were able to reduce time to bill from weeks to days from the very start, while getting more visibility on our hospital activity.

  • Dr. Baolien Tu

    I appreciate very much all of the hardwork that you have put into upgrading and adding new features to the app. I have not purchased any app (game or productivity) that brings me as much satisfaction as maxRVU. BaoLien Tu, M.D

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