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  • What is maxRVU?

    maxRVU is a powerful charge capture and rounding solution that allows physicians to document their charges while also helping hospitals improve their financial health and streamline operations.

  • What is charge capture and is it necessary for any medical provider to use it?

    Our charge capture application tracks and monitors patient encounters at the point of care. Instead of missing payments from cross-covered services, you can communicate with your team, on one platform. All of the current medical codes are in our software, so sending approved charges to billers for insurance payments are no longer a delayed process. Our providers love it, and you will too.

  • What systems and devices can you use maxRVU on?

    Currently we have web based access available on Windows/Mac OS operating systems, and our mobile application is available on Android, Apple IOS devices

  • How do I sign up for maxRVU?

    You can sign up for maxRVU at click hereWe have a 15 day risk-free trial for you to try out first.

  • Is maxRVU HIPAA compliant?

    Yes. maxRVU is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliancy requires the following criteria for data to be met:

    1. 1. Is data always encrypted as it is transmitted over the Internet?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU uses encryption over SSL for all internet transmissions.
    2. 2. Data is not lost, i.e. should be backed up and can be recovered?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU maintains redundant copies of all data at multiple locations.
    3. 3. Is only accessible by authorized personnel?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data is controlled strictly by permission based architecture and only authorized, authenticated personnel may access the data they have rights to.
    4. 4. Is not tampered with or altered?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data cannot be tampered or altered during transmission, retrieval and storage.
    5. 5. Should be encrypted if it is being stored or archived?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data is encrypted in all databases and backup files.
    6. 6. Can be permanently disposed of when no longer needed?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data can be completely & securely erased when no longer needed.
  • Can I use maxRVU mobile app when there is no network coverage?

    Yes. maxRVU can be used when there is no cellphone coverage or Wi-Fi network. maxRVU works in offline mode and all changes are then synchronized with our servers when the network is available.

  • Can I use maxRVU web app when there is no network coverage?

    No. You need access to the internet to use the maxRVU web app.

  • Can I use maxRVU web app on my iPhone / iPad?

    Yes, you can use a mobile web browser to access the maxRVU web app. However, in order to fully experience the benefits of mobile charge capture we recommend using the mobile app available on Android or iOS.

  • Is maxRVU available for anesthesiologists?

    maxRVU is not available for anesthesiologists, but an application that is specific to the field is currently under development.

  • How do I contact support?

    If you are using the maxRVU website, click on the blue Support tab on the right margin of this page. You can then fill in your support request and we will get back to you.

    If you are using the maxRVU mobile app, tap Settings / Help and tap the Contact Support button. Fill in your request and send it in. A maxRVU representative will get back to you.

    If you are not signed into the mobile app, tap on the "i" icon on the bottom right and tap the Contact Support button. Fill in your request and send it to us and we will get back to you.

  • I need to talk to someone right away. Where do I call?

    If you have read through the FAQs and you still need assistance, you may call our support line at (972) 746-4607, or email us directly at support@gingercube.com.

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