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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is maxRVU?

    maxRVU is a powerful charge capture and rounding solution that allows physicians to document their charges while also helping hospitals improve their financial health and streamline operations.

  • What is charge capture and is it necessary for any medical provider to use it?

    Our charge capture application tracks and monitors patient encounters at the point of care. Instead of missing payments from cross-covered services, you can communicate with your team, on one platform. All of the current medical codes are in our software, so sending approved charges to billers for insurance payments are no longer a delayed process. Our providers love it, and you will too.

  • What systems and devices can you use maxRVU on?

    Currently we have web based access available on Windows/Mac OS operating systems, and our mobile application is available on Android, Apple IOS devices

  • How do I sign up for maxRVU?

    You can sign up for maxRVU at click hereWe have a 15 day risk-free trial for you to try out first.

  • Is maxRVU HIPAA compliant?

    Yes. maxRVU is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliancy requires the following criteria for data to be met:

    1. 1. Is data always encrypted as it is transmitted over the Internet?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU uses encryption over SSL for all internet transmissions.
    2. 2. Data is not lost, i.e. should be backed up and can be recovered?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU maintains redundant copies of all data at multiple locations.
    3. 3. Is only accessible by authorized personnel?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data is controlled strictly by permission based architecture and only authorized, authenticated personnel may access the data they have rights to.
    4. 4. Is not tampered with or altered?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data cannot be tampered or altered during transmission, retrieval and storage.
    5. 5. Should be encrypted if it is being stored or archived?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data is encrypted in all databases and backup files.
    6. 6. Can be permanently disposed of when no longer needed?
      1. a. Yes. - maxRVU data can be completely & securely erased when no longer needed.
  • Can I use maxRVU mobile app when there is no network coverage?

    Yes. maxRVU can be used when there is no cellphone coverage or Wi-Fi network. maxRVU works in offline mode and all changes are then synchronized with our servers when the network is available.

  • Can I use maxRVU web app when there is no network coverage?

    No. You need access to the internet to use the maxRVU web app.

  • Can I use maxRVU web app on my iPhone / iPad?

    Yes, you can use a mobile web browser to access the maxRVU web app. However, in order to fully experience the benefits of mobile charge capture we recommend using the mobile app available on Android or iOS.

  • Is maxRVU available for anesthesiologists?

    maxRVU is not available for anesthesiologists, but an application that is specific to the field is currently under development.

  • How do I contact support?

    If you are using the maxRVU website, click on the blue Support tab on the right margin of this page. You can then fill in your support request and we will get back to you.

    If you are using the maxRVU mobile app, tap Settings / Help and tap the Contact Support button. Fill in your request and send it in. A maxRVU representative will get back to you.

    If you are not signed into the mobile app, tap on the "i" icon on the bottom right and tap the Contact Support button. Fill in your request and send it to us and we will get back to you.

  • I need to talk to someone right away. Where do I call?

    If you have read through the FAQs and you still need assistance, you may call our support line at (972) 746-4607, or email us directly at

  • How much will maxRVU cost me?

    The maxRVU mobile application is free to download. Sign up here on the maxRVU web site and then use the same user id and password to sign into the mobile app. Your first 15 days are free, and training is included so you can experience the benefits of maxRVU at their fullest.

    For a subscription to maxRVU, we have different pricing models based on usage and group size. We would be happy to speak with you to understand your requirements and provide a quote for your group. Just email us at and someone will reach out to you.

  • How do I invite my fellow doctors in the practice?

    If you are the Administrator, click on the Groups tab. There you may enter your fellow doctors' email addresses, sending a request for them to join maxRVU.

  • How do I invite my assisting staff?

    If you are the Administrator, click on the Groups tab. There you may enter the emails for your assisting staff, sending a request for them to join maxRVU.

  • What are the Office Assistant and Billing Agent accounts and how much do they cost?

    Every paid user gets 2 FREE accounts by default. These are the Medical or Office Assistant and the Billing Assistant accounts.

    Medical or Office Assistant: This account is a shadow of the main user account and has access to most features.

    Billing Agent: A Billing Agent can manage multiple doctor accounts within a group and has access to only the billing sessions they are authorized to see by approval of the physician.

  • How do I add my biller and medical/office assistant to my account?

    Log in to the maxRVU web portal and go to Settings. You will see tabs for both Office Assistant and Billing Agent. Under those tabs you may add their email addresses. This will send your Medical/Office Assistant and/or Billing Agent a request to join your account. They will not have access until they accept the request and create their own user id and password.

  • My biller is an external third-party company. Can they use the Billing Agent account?

    Yes. You can invite them to be a user and authorize them for your account. You can also revoke their permissions at any time. To allow them access to the billing portal, log in to the maxRVU web portal and go to Settings > Billing Agent. Type in the corresponding email for the third-party company. They will not have access until they accept the request and set up their own user id and password.

  • Can I try maxRVU for free?

    Yes. gingerCube offers a 15 day free trial with complete access to all maxRVU features. You can add patients, billing sessions, and even export your data. You can cancel anytime before the 15 day trial period and you will not be charged any monthly fee.

  • What happens after the 15 day trial period?

    After the 15 day trial period is over, if you have not set up a credit card with auto renew, your account is put on hold. Access your account on the website at and follow instructions to set up your credit card.

  • How do I cancel my account?

    Your subscription is month to month so you can cancel your account anytime. Login to your account on the web, go to Settings > Billing and click on Edit Subscription. You may cancel your account or update your credit card information there.

  • What happens to my account once I cancel my subscription?

    Your account will be deactivated once you cancel your subscription. You will be unable to log in to your account and access your data. We advise that you export all your data before canceling your subscription. See details on exporting your data below.

  • How do I re-subscribe after I have canceled my account?

    You can log in with your user id and password and you will be guided through the payment setup again. Once we have verified the credit card entered, your account will be restored.

  • Who is Pin Payments? I see that I am redirected to their website during payment setup.

    Pin Payments is our payment processor. They process all credit card payments for maxRVU subscriptions. They are highly secure and have an excellent track record in processing payments.

  • Something has gone horribly wrong with my subscription. I need help now!

    Click on the blue Support tab on the right margin of this page. Enter your problem details and send it to us. We will fix it in a jiffy.

  • How do I access my reports?

    You can access your reports by viewing your dashboard when you log into your maxRVU account. It will have options to download as a pdf and print.

  • How do I add doctors and support members of my billing team?

    If you are an administrator, under the groups tab you can enter emails for them to join maxRVU.

  • Is there a limit to how many team members I can have under maxRVU?

    No you can add as many providers as you would like, our software is built to provide services for all sized medical organizations and hospitals.

  • How are the RVU’s calculated?

    The dollar multiple for RVU's is dependent on local city/state rates as defined by your insurance and AMA. Your biller is in a better position to enter those rates and monitor them for updates. Our system provides the accurate RVU based on the services done at the time of visit.

  • I have forgotten my password. How do I reset / retrieve it?

    Click on the Forgot Password link on the login page and enter your registered email address. We will send you a password reset link to your registered email address.

  • Why do I need to enter my phone number on the mobile app?

    Your mobile phone number is required in order to receive account information notifications such as new patients, notes from biller, and more.

  • Why do I need to verify my mobile phone with an SMS / text message?

    gingerCube, Inc. believes strongly in the security of the maxRVU system. In order to protect your data we need to verify the authenticity of the user. Once you activate your account we will verify your mobile phone number by sending you a verification code by sms/text message. Enter the verification code on the web and your mobile phone will be registered to your maxRVU account. This sms/text verification will be performed every time you change your mobile phone number on the maxRVU user Settings page.

  • Is my information shared?

    Your email address and other information will not be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold or used for purposes other than the business of gingerCube, Inc. Please read our Privacy Statement, which addresses our firm commitment to your privacy.

  • How secure is my data?

    gingerCube, Inc. employs strong security encryption methods for data transmission, retrieval, and storage. We use 256-AES for internet transmission. You should always make sure that the maxRVU URL in the browser starts with a https and NOT a http. The maxRVU url will always be The maxRVU database is secured behind firewalls and fields are encrypted.

  • What browsers does maxRVU support?

    maxRVU is an advanced web application and runs on all modern browsers.

  • What browser versions are TLS1.2 compatible with maxRVU?

    maxRVU browser TLS1.2 compatibility

    Desktop: v38+ compatible by default
    Android: v5+ compatible by default
    Internet Explorer
    v11 compatible by default
    v9 and 10 will need to enable TLS.12
    v27+ compatible by default
    v23-26 will need to be enabled
    Desktop: v7+ compatible by default
    Mobile: v5+ compatible by default
  • What devices is the maxRVU mobile application available on?

    maxRVU mobile app is available on any iPhone and iPad running iOS 7 and up, and on Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 and up.

    To download the iOS app, click here.

    To download the Android app, click here.

  • I accidentally deleted the maxRVU app from my iPhone. How do I get it back? What happens to my data?

    First, all data synced with our servers is safe. You can re-download the application from the App Store or from Google Play. Once the app is downloaded, log in with your user id and password and all of your data will be synced back from the web.

  • Can I import my data into maxRVU?

    Yes. Currently you can import patient data using CSV files on the maxRVU web app. The file format for import is:

    First name,Last name,Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY),Gender (Male/Female),Status (Active/Inactive),Facility (must be exact match with a group hospital)


    John,Smith,01/01/1990,Male,Active,Acme Medical Center Jane,Doe,01/01/1990,Female,Inactive,Besaid Clinic

    Importing of billing sessions is not currently supported but will be available in a future version.

  • Can I export my data out of maxRVU?

    Yes. You can export all the data you have created including patients, billing sessions and ICD/CPT® codes. The patient data is exported in the same CSV formats as the import shown above.

    The billing session data is exported in the following CSV format:

    Session Date,Facility(Sublocation - Room),Patient,Birthday,Medical Record,Codes,Admitted,RVU,PCP,Status


    11/18/2010,Main Facility (West Tower W356),Bianca House,05/08/1929,29302,99254 - 23 (812.01),11/11/2010,4.65,Matthew Lin,approved

    Patient data is exported in the same CSV format as the import as specified above.

  • Will using maxRVU cause any data to be lost, unsecured, or inaccurate?

    maxRVU has a very secure encrypted system. We are HIPPA compliant and all of our ICD-10/CPT/E&M codes are licensed by the American Medical Association.

  • How do I reactivate my account?

    If you have unsubscribed, or your trial account has expired, you can update your account information under subscription after logging in to get started back on your month to month billing cycles. You can cancel at anytime.

  • How do I reset my password?

    When you go to log in there will be a reset password link that will allow you to create a new password.

  • What happens if I have issues with my account?

    You can email our support team at or shake your mobile application for a prompt email to be sent under help. We do provide telephone support at 972-746-4607 during business hours Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

  • How do I add ICD-10 Codes and CPT for patients?

    When you add a new patient session there will be an option to add the codes and modifiers there.

  • How do I remove a patient from a queried session?

    Providers can select the session and review the notes, then send the charges to be re-approved

  • How do I sort my patients on my mobile app?

    There are filter lists you can select to organize them by location, tags, date range, and other users.

  • How do I add a facility?

    Sign into the Web and under Group/Hospitals you can either select a facility from the list or add your own. Make sure to sync your device after this step so the new hospitals show up on your device.

  • How easy is it to add a new patient and billing session?

    As quick as you can take a picture of the patient’s record information and select add procedure codes.

    Having your most used codes listed under favorites saves time selecting, and you can send it off to be approved by your billing team.

  • Can maxRVU connect to my EMR system?

    maxRVU is HL7 compliant and can directly interface with your EMR system. You can also import and export data through maxRVU using the CSV file export feature.

  • Can maxRVU connect to the EMR systems at the hospitals where I round patients?

    maxRVU is HL7 compliant and can directly interface with the facility EMR system. You can also import and export data through maxRVU using the CSV file export feature.

  • What version of the ICD codes does maxRVU use?

    maxRVU uses the current ICD-9 version as defined by the Worth Health Organization, and has ICD-10 code mapping available to help train for the October 2014 transition.

  • Is your CPT® database licensed by the American Medical Association?

    Yes. gingerCube, Inc. has licensed the CPT® database and maintains the latest version from the American Medical Association.

  • How often do you update the ICD/CPT® database

    gingerCube, Inc. updates the ICD/CPT® database every year. The maxRVU web application will update to the latest databases. For the maxRVU mobile application, go to your app store to download the latest iOS/Android update.

  • There is a ICD/CPT® code missing in your database. Where do I report it?

    We can help you find the right ICD/CPT® code. Click on the blue Support tab on the right margin of this page and send us the codes you think are missing. We will get back to you right away.

  • Why don't you also display the dollar multiple for each RVU?

    The dollar multiple for RVU's is dependent on local city/state rates as defined by your insurance and AMA. Your biller is in a better position to enter those rates and monitor them for updates.

  • Can I generate a SuperBill or HCFA form from the maxRVU app?

    You can print a PDF version of all the billing sessions that need to be billed. We are working on the SuperBill and HCFA versions of the form for direct submission to your insurance and it will be available at a later date.

  • What types of reports am I able to print?

    Session, patient, and rounding reports are available to download and print through the maxRVU web portal.

  • Our group consists of many doctors. Can we all use the maxRVU app and share information within the app?

    Yes. There is no limit on the number of users in a group as long as each user is a paid subscriber and is associated with the same group account. Once you are a member of a group you can share patient and encounter information with other doctors authorized in your group, and also round for your fellow physicians.

  • Can my patient access my maxRVU data if I want them to?

    At this time we do not have a patient access module. maxRVU is meant to be a personal charge capture app to improve the coding and billing efficiency of the doctor. It aims to replace the pen and paper that most physicians use for coding and billing.

  • What is telemedicine?

    Telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. Modern technology has enabled doctors to consult patients using HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing tools.

  • What are the benefits of telemedicine?

    The primary benefit of telemedicine is convenience and accessibility. Patients do not have to drive to a medical facility for treatment, allowing them to be seen and treated from anywhere. With video technology, busy practitioners can perform “house calls,” bringing their expertise straight to the patient’s digital device. The use of telemedicine also decreases the expense of patient no-shows.

  • Is maxRVU Telemedicine secure and HIPAA-compliant?

    Yes, maxRVU Telemedicine is both secure and HIPAA-compliant. Our service follows the HIPAA Security Rule requiring technical safeguards, including data encryption, to protect patient personal health information (PHI) transmitted over the Internet.

  • How much does it cost?

    We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a free quote. Please e-mail us at and a representative will reach out to you shortly.

  • How much does it cost the patient?

    There is no cost to the patient to use maxRVU Telemedicine. Following the televisit, the practice bills the medical insurance carrier and the same patient responsibility applies.

  • How long does it take the physician to see a patient?

    The average patient appointment time for physicians using telemedicine is around 5-6 minutes.

  • How do patients connect with their physician?

    Patients easily join their appointment from a web browser on a smartphone, tablet or computer. No downloads or installation is required.

    maxRVU Telemedicine is compatible with iOS and web (Chrome, Safari) and will soon be available for Android. Click here to learn more.

  • What are the system requirements to use maxRVU Telemedicine?

    We designed Telemedicine to work with minimal system requirements.

    System requirements
    • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
    • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
    • A webcam or HD webcam (built-in or USB plug-in)

    Supported operating systems
    • macOS X with macOS 10.9 or later
    • Windows 8 and above

    Supported browsers
    • For iOS and Android:
      • Use Safari 11+ on your iOS devices (latest version of iOS)
      • Google Chrome on your Android device
    • For Web
      • Windows:Edge 12+, Chrome 30+
      • Mac: Safari 7+, Chrome 30+

    Bandwidth requirements
    • An Internet connection with at least 2 Mbps download and upload speeds
    • HIGHLY recommend anything above 10 Mbps for a good experience

    The following are not compatible with Telemedicine:
    • Amazon Kindle and other e-readers
    • Voice-controlled smart speakers such as Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Could I use Skype or FaceTime instead?

    It is not recommended, as neither platform use HIPAA-compliant video communication.

  • Where is maxRVU telemedicine available?

    Our service is available anywhere in the United States.

  • I have a question that is not listed here. Can you help me?

    We are happy to help! Please e-mail us at and a member of our Support Team will reach out to you shortly.

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