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Physician Groups

Physician groups across the country are paying more attention to the amount of charges that might be missed, and the amount of potential revenue loss is astounding. A larger group practice can lose up to $270,000 in a year from missed charges through the paper trail method of tracking patient encounters. Even the most organized physician isn’t immune to this loss of revenue. To err through the paper trail of charge sheets, notecards, and napkins is inevitable. To implement a proper care coordination system is the solution.

Productivity is measured in many ways, but none better than Relative Value Units. With reimbursements for both practices and physicians intertwined with the amount of RVUs produced, many practices are beginning to recognize the issues among paper charts and note cards. The need for streamlined and detail reporting of physician productivity is still in dire need. We all know at least one physician who trekked a note card with procedure information all the way to their family vacation spot. maxRVU cuts out the issue completely with mobile patient tracking and charge capture.

From how frequently a biller is submitting claims - to a breakdown of patient encounters per physician, maxRVU Charge Capture provides easy access to numerous reports that are quintessential in maintaining an efficient group practice. Reports are available on the Administrative account to overview physicians, medical assistants, and billers. Each provider under the account has access to view these reports to track their own productivity as well.

We bet your biller has something to say about the difficulties in receiving charges from you and your colleagues, and we also bet you’re missing 3-5% of reimbursable charges with the current paper trail method. Have you thought about trying maxRVU Charge Capture completely risk-free for a full 15 days?

Physician Practices

Reimbursement rates are the top concern for privately owned physician practices this year. With SGR having been finally repealed and the abundance of Medicare reimbursement changes, it’s no wonder these practices are struggling to keep every dollar earned.

What you may not realize is that the solution is an easy one. One physician increased their revenue by $60,000 in their first year by taking our advice. The best way to make sure you’re getting paid is to make sure you’re tracking the patients you see. Actually, the part after patient encounters is the kicker: ensuring that billers receive all of the proper patient data and codes on time. Delays in charges being submitted often lead to claim denials, and we all know that process gives everyone a headache.

maxRVU Charge Capture ensures that patient encounters are submitted in a timely manner. In fact, it’s better than timely. As soon as you see a patient, you simply enter the charges through your mobile device and sync. Voila…your biller can now process the claim. You no longer have to haul around charge sheets, only to lose one eventually. No more frequent calls or emails asking for last week’s encounters. You don’t even have to wait to discuss the questions or concerns your biller might have regarding the charges, as maxRVU provides HIPAA compliant secure messaging within the application.

We understand a lot of this might sound far too good to ever be true, but trust us. Our providers have already increased their revenues by tens of thousands of dollars. We’re so confident that maxRVU is the cure-all patient encounter solution that we offer it free of charge for the first 15 days, so what’s the worry? Try it for yourself.

Advanced Care Providers

We have much appreciation for our mid-level providers. You are frequently the first responder to call a concerned patient. When attending physicians are busy with surgery, you check on the patients whether it’s at the bedside or in the office. You are right by our side throughout recovery, and often create such a close bond that every milestone brings joy to your heart (and sometimes a tear to the eye.)

Ensure that your hard work is known by tracking each patient encounter, guaranteeing that you and your group are reimbursed accordingly. Even a 5-minute check up in the facility has an insurance claim to process at the end of it. Regardless if you are a Physician Assistant or the Nurse Practitioner that works alongside the surgeon, you have your own procedure codes to track that probably aren’t on the charge sheet the facility hands out.

Mobile care coordination is the way to go, and maxRVU has your back. Enter your own patient encounters directly into maxRVU Charge Capture, and the biller is instantly able to view and process insurance claims. Even when you’re not working alongside a physician, maxRVU gives you 24/7 access to discuss patients, procedures, and what sounds good for lunch – all through our HIPAA compliant secure texting feature.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose with maxRVU Charge Capture. The trial is risk-free (with no credit card required) so sign up today and experience the time-saving power of maxRVU.


There seems to be countless ways for hospitals to receive reduced Medicare reimbursements these days, enhancing the importance of tracking each and every patient encounter to make sure that charges are not lost as well.

Lost charges are not uncommon to Hospitals, as the communication gap between a trauma surgery and the surgeon’s biller acts more like a black hole. If the procedure isn’t properly managed, it’s quickly lost in the void. maxRVU Charge Capture fills that void with a protective, HIPAA compliant solution. Billers will receive notification of the surgery as soon as the physician enters the session.

60% of Facility-Employed physicians are in search of an easy way to track their RVUs. With the rise of physicians leaving private practices for employment, most are gaining pay structures that include bonuses based on RVU totals. Hospitals and their physicians are in great need of a way to track those RVU values while viewing their progress as they see more patients to ensure that both facility and Physician are receiving proper reimbursements.

maxRVU Charge Capture is the perfect solution…hence the name. Maximize your RVUs by keeping closer tabs on each patient encounter, and have access to daily, monthly, and yearly reports at the click of a button. Not only does maxRVU track the various types of relative value units, but also comes with secure messaging to safely discuss patients, surgeries, and codes. There’s no need to implement multiple software and worry about integration…maxRVU Charge Capture has it all. We’re so confident that this is the perfect patient encounter solution for your facility that the first 15 days are free.


75% of physicians in our 2015 Health Care Professional Survey would have preferred more training on the Business of Medicine during their residency.

The most important aspect of training is learning how to properly care for your patients, but what happens when you complete training and you’re off in the real world of medicine? There’s a lot of things they don’t teach you, like how medical billing works, how you will be compensated, and how to track that compensation.

maxRVU Charge Capture helps physicians track patient encounters at point-of-care. This is a pretty easy concept to understand, but what’s so special about our charge capture solution is that maxRVU supports Residents as well. You can learn proper coding techniques that go right along with your specialty, while attending physicians review the codes you submit before they’re handed off to the billing department.

CPT codes will no longer be a mysterious string of numbers, but instead a well-known code describing what procedures and consultation levels you performed. Better yet, you’ll track the Relative Value Units associated with the codes to get an idea of what your reimbursements would look like. maxRVU is the go-to Residency patient encounter platform for University Hospitals, so why not try out our free 15-day trial now?

Billing Companies

In our 2015 Health Care Professional Survey, we discovered that two out of three billers are seeking a more efficient way to receive charges from their physicians. Between deciphering scribbled notes on paper and having to continuously track down the physician to grab the charges, that staggering survey result isn’t at all surprising.

Billing companies have a difficult time ensuring that their clients are properly tracking each patient encounter, and an even more difficult time receiving those charges in a timely manner. Most physicians wait a full week before turning in charges to their billers. We believe it is time billing companies have the opportunity to submit claims within days after the patient encounter, not weeks. maxRVU Charge Capture helps expedite the time it takes for billing companies to receive charges, and allows for 24/7 access to those encounters.

Billing companies have never seen such an efficient workflow when processing claims until now. With biller notifications and secure messaging, the entire process is tracked and completed through the mobile and web application. The discussion with physicians regarding a patient encounter is streamlined, while the checks and balances on each charge guarantees nothing will be missed. Our charge capture solution is so good that we offer it free for 15-days. What are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself or contact us to discuss your partnership with maxRVU.

  • LoneStar Orthopedics

    Being a physician assistant, I see a lot of patients in and out of the hospital. Keeping track of each charge sheet was immensely tedious and I’m pretty sure I lost a few of them. Ever since I started using maxRVU, I haven’t forgotten or lost a single charge. My biller even told me I’m coding more accurately which I think is because I can submit the session right after it happens, rather than waiting like I used to.

  • University of Louisville – Neurosurgery

    The Neurosurgery group at the University of Louisville were in the market for a better way to track individual RVUs for each physician; on top of ensuring every patient encounter was sent to the biller (including the unscheduled ones.) maxRVU became their quick and easy solution to a complex problem, and they’ve never looked back.

  • University of South Alabama – Mitchell Cancer Center

    Obviously I am a big fan of maxRVU. Very user friendly. Y'all have developed an impressive service.

  • Fort Worth Brain & Spine

    maxRVU helps take a worrisome task and turns it into a pretty simple task I don’t worry about. I love that I can scan the patient labels to capture patient information.

  • OrthoSouth

    The customer service has been super responsive and open to my ideas and suggestions.

  • Park Ridge Health

    My first two months after starting to use maxRVU were my two most productive months by far. My office assistant also loves it, and it makes it very easy for her to submit charges. Thanks!

  • ENTiCare

    I enjoy using the program and the main advantage for me has been more accurate procedure coding and wireless real-time communication with my biller; that has resulted in significant reduction in the time needed to process and submit claims.

  • Texas Brain & Spine

    I am very happy with the product. I like the layout and some of the latest features such as bundled codes and scanning of patient information.

  • Lone Star Orthopedics

    maxRVU has helped me streamline my patient billing…no more paper notes stuffed hastily in my pocket or a stack of superbills with hastily scribbled notes for my assistant to interpret. Most importantly, I am recovering all missed billing opportunities and getting insurance payments faster.

  • Atlantic Neurosurgical and Spine Specialists

    I previously relied on a cumbersome system of facesheets, patient stickers, and notecards to track my patient encounters leading to lost revenue. I discovered maxRVU to streamline my billing sessions and this program is incredible.

  • LoneStar Orthopedics

    We looked around and found solutions costing almost twice as much with the added cost of support. We're a midsize group and the savings with maxRVU made our decision a no brainier.

  • The Women's Cancer Center

    maxRVU has been a great tool for communication between our gynecologic oncologist, who spends 3.5 days per week in the operating room, and our billing/coding staff.

  • Austin Cancer Center

    With maxRVU we were able to reduce time to bill from weeks to days from the very start, while getting more visibility on our facility activity.

  • Dr. Baolien Tu

    I appreciate very much all of the hardwork that you have put into upgrading and adding new features to the app. I have not purchased any app (game or productivity) that brings me as much satisfaction as maxRVU. BaoLien Tu, M.D

  • RPG Logo

    Thanks, as always for your prompt attention! It’s the one thing that I value most in our partnership with maxRVU. You really deliver on customer service.

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